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Thursday, 1 May 2014


Good afternoon! We are the analysts of the previous week, Sanda and Laura. 

Last week it wasn't a current week, it was a special week, the most intensive of the whole year, due to we did the LOE-LOMCE game. All the students were very excited because the previous week all groups had been working hard choosing the questions and comparing both laws, preparing the questions... 

The game was a difficult task for all stars, because even though the star always has the responsability of showing the whole group work, this week it has been very complicated to show it, because behind the activity it was a desired reinforcement for the School and Organization subject. 

We would like to congratulate all the stars of that week, because they have done a great job and they all did it very good in the game. We are very proud that with this high level we have in class, our stars have been the ones who got the prize. 

Thanks to our wonderful stars, all the members of the T8T group has been reinforced with a 9.5 in one of the questions of the final exam.

The best things of this week has been that all the members of the group has been linked. We have been supporting a lot our stars in the game, and we have suffered even more than them. It has been the activity which has motivated us the most in the course, even though we were very nervous.

The worst thing has been the role of the stars. We all think that in a future the game should be planned different, so that not just 2 members of each group have to play, because the responsability is very hard. It would be better if the whole group is able to participate and to compare the answers between them. 

The best moment of the activity was when we win the game, because after the nerves we suffered, we won the game, and the whole group was very implicated in the game the two previous weeks. It wasn't an easy task because the rest of the groups had a high level too.

The worst moments were during the game, when we were near to a snake or when our parners were near us or near a ladder, because they could reach us, and we wanted to win. Also, when it was our team turn, we were all the time worried about their answer, if it was correct or not. 

With this activity we have learnt that as future teachers, when we have to teach a hard unit, it is easier to motivate the students with a creative activity or with reinforcements. With this we get better results from the students, and we are able to see how a such a borring topic become exciting and funny for the students.

As a group, we would have to conserve the feeling of unification, and try to continue with a positive attitude, due to we just have 2 more weeks together as a group. 

This LOE-LOMCE content is related to other subjects such as "Acción tutorial", where we are designing some children activities, other ways of learning for the students... and we think that all the activities that we are carring out with Linda in this subject have gave us a lot of ideas for the other subjects tasks.
Moreover, as future teachers, it is very important to know well the laws of the educational system

Besides, it is a currently topic, which is being discussed in the media every day, and that directly affect us as current students but also as future teachers.

As a conclusion, we have to say that we have enjoyed being the analysts this week. The work of this week has been very positive, there isn't any negative aspect to say. We would have liked that all the weeks had been like this one.

See you soon.

T8T analysts.

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