"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela

Who & Why

T8T stands for "The 8 Teachers", a group of 8 students whose aim is to become quality teachers... We don´t know if we all will arrive to the goal line, but... why not? Well, it will depend on our effort and perseverance!

We are in the same boat with lots of other students that belong to the  Primary Education degree from the Education Faculty of Murcia, Spain. Our best wishes for them all! 

Our adventure started at the beginning of the second semester of the first Primary Education course, in January 2014. This project is part of the course "School Organisation and Educational Resources" (for following us in twitter: #SOyER1314), that is taught in the bilingual group by Linda Castañeda. Our group blogs are a way of organising our teaching-learning experience... The blogs are helping us to work everyday; to research (in a modest way, but we do it!); to learn new tools (some of them are amazing...) and the most important thing: to clarify our teaching-learning objectives. And the most apparently scary thing: our blogs will be part of our final grade, they will be a tool for evaluating us... So better we get cracking! But please, and I say this to me in the first place: let´s work not only for the final grade, but for the real aim that is behind all these task. 

We are quite aware about the situation of our education system, but despite all the problems, we are fortunate because we are getting an education, and it is a privilege to be at University. So let´s take advantage of this opportunity!

 The 8 teachers are: 

 Paz Pascual
 Sandra Pelegrín
 Raquel Ramón
 Alba Ramsay
 Ana María Ruiz
 Ana Mª Sánchez Clares
 Isabel María Torralba
 Laura Zuza 

Our best wishes to you all,
T8T team.