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Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hello readers!

We are Paz and Isa from the group T8T and this week we are the facilitators!
This week we are repeating role, so in certain way, we have known what to do, which is interesting and great, isn’t it? 

Although we have repeated role, we haven’t repeated activity. Like you know each week we work in very different activities and we do many different things.

This week we have been working doing some questions about the spanish educational laws and about the conceptual maps, which we worked at last week. We did that with an objective: use it in the game that we are going to do the last week of the course.
As we have said before, these questions were about LOE and LOMCE, and the differences between them, I mean the changes and similarities that are among both laws. This is because LOMCE only modify some topics of LOE.

At first, as we had to do four questions about each topic, which were six; we decided to distribute them between the six roles that we are in the group. But then, we realized that in this way we were not going to learn about all topics. So we did a raffle, in order to decide which role will start with each topic. We took a number and then, we started to work.

After working in our topic, we changed them and we worked in a different one.

When we had all the questions, we met at the university on Tuesday in order to improve and revise them, if any had mistakes, or we could make them better.
It was very useful because we could modify some of them.

And, finally, on Thursday we printed and worked with them.
The way of working was like last week. Each group worked alone with one topic, our topic was number three (Organization of Primary School), choosing the eight questions that we considered the best for the game, but this time the evaluators weren’t the same at the last week. This time the evaluators were different group. My group T8T worked with a half of the group called Hide&Sick.

We think that we worked very well and we understand each other.
Our mission was to choose the best eight questions of topic 3, valuing the difficulty, the mistakes, the expression and the understanding. The mission of the evaluators was to supervise that we did well our work.

Fortunately, we think we did it the best we could.

Our star, Alba, have upload to the blog the 36 questions which we have worked. The eight that we selected have been sent to Linda by email, because they are secret.

One of the best things of this week is that, as facilitators, we haven’t have any problem to solve. It’s true that all the people in the group don’t think in the same way, but we have get an agreement and we have worked as a real group. That’s a very good aspect we have to mention about our group.

We hope you have enjoy it and have understand our way of organizing this week.


Paz and Isa, the facilitators.

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