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Friday, 2 May 2014


Hi everyone! We are Ana Ruiz and Ana Sánchez, the stars of this week.

T8T's selfie

As you know, this week we have done a quiz. It was based on the game Ladders and Snakes like this =)

The objective of that game was to learnt and understand some basics about how our educational system is organized. For it, before playing, we had to read and learnt basic legislation about our educational system and put special attention in the differences between LOMCE and LOE.

Our experience as this-week-Stars has been satisfying taking into account the result: we are so happy for having won the game!

In one hand, we were worried because we knew that being starts this week was so much responsibility for us because the prize of the game was important and the whole group depended on us. But on the other hand we were confident because we knew that our partners trusted on us.

The day of the game we were so, so nervous, especially before starting the game because we didn’t know exactly the rules and maybe the game could change and obviously for the pressure. But, finally, all was great, as we expected. As the game advanced, we were more and more confident firslty because we were answering all the questions and also, thankfully, we had very good luck. 

But apart from that, we are happy because we have learnt all this information and we didn’t have to stayed hours and hours studying it by heart. We have done it step by step, in a way that you don´t easily realise how much you have worked on it: first doing the conceptual maps, then review them and unifying them, building the questions and reviewing them too and finally puting all in practice doing the game.

We have worked so much during this activity that despite of the component of luck, that was there, we have the peace of mind of being concious that we know quite well the main issues of the law and that we are able to give reasoned arguments to the questions. 

And congratulations to Step by step as well and all the groups that have won something during the game... especially to those who even have won the most important prize: the knowledge and the competencies behind all that.

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