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Saturday, 3 May 2014


Good evening dear readers!

We are Paz and Isa, the journalist of last week. Today our post is going to be shorter, but as interesting as always.
It is shorter because we didn’t have to do any task. We had to complete the big one we were preparing during the lasts few weeks before going on holiday. This was: THE GAME! 

Do you remember the cards we were making the weeks before and all the mind maps about the spanish educational system? well… these were for playing at class with all our mates to a “ladders and snakes” game.
We were very, very nervous, but we completely trust in our stars (Ana Ruiz and Ana Sanchez) and they didn’t let us down. They answered correctly all the questions and finally… WE WON THE GAME!
It was incredible! We were very happy and very proud of all of the members of our group, because all of them had done a very good job. But we were specially proud of our stars.
It has been a very nice experience for all of us (even when we were very nervous during the game).
As I have told you, this post has been the shortest one we have maked but, at the same time, is the one that remember us one of the best moments of this course.

See you soon!

Paz and Isa.

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