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Monday, 5 May 2014


Hello readers! here I am with interesting news.... =)

I'm Raquel and this week I was assigned the role of the Star. wonderful, isn't it? :P
Well, this week, Linda ordered us on Monday to do a mini- activity in which we had to design a School simply. This has been the activity, but there is in it a hidden information in order to understand the activity at all, that I'm going to say at the end of the post. :O

So, once we all know what are going to do, we have to do the activity in half- hour. So, hurry up!! 
We had started to give different ideas about what are the different and more important branchs/points that are going to talk in order to create the school. During the meeting of creating the school, I must do my role as better as possible. So, all the different ideas that people come up with had to be voted by everybody, as a democracy. All members laughed due to my behaviorsm, because I don't usually perform in this way. So, they know that something was happening. :O:O. At first, they don't mind the voting, I mean, they said that it was not neccessary because in most situations we thought in the same way and we put different examples from our school and own experience about it.



We have thought that the kind of name like this or an artist or famous that had done important progress in the education branch could be interesting for a public school. 
It gathers up Preschool' level and Primary Education for girls and boys (mixed). There are 25 children per class and there are 2 lines, A and B, in total 50 students per course. Tablets and Ipads could be a good tool to introduce technologies in the school and in the children life as well not only using them to play but also to work and for academic things. 
It's a biligual school in which children start to learn a second language from Preschool level. ( English or French). Also, international exchanges programs are available for example with EEUU and United Kingdom as well to all members of the school in order to improve the level of them. 
According to the organization of the school, the leadership team composed by administrative staff, head teacher and school head, the 3 most important, and on the School Board composed as well by teachers, students that each trimester must to chose his representative ( an student of the class) and the parents with AMPA, and a main administratives of each department. 
Also, they are 12 main teachers assigned for Primary and 6 for preschool as well as other specialised teachers like one of them for music, other for English apart from a lector, 2 for Sport' subject and 1 for French Language. English Language or French Language  is required for all teachers. Apart from these, there have to be 2 PETE's for attending psichological and sociological problems and disabilities for those students that need it.  
The geografical situation and part of the school have been also decided by us. 
As we can see, the school has two wide playground, one of them for Preschoolers and the other one for students of Primary education, car park and enormous room in which student can play and do sport inside as well as 2 elevators and ramps adapted to people with physical disabilities. A luchroom, cateen, library in which there are a independent room with different electronic resources as well as music room. 
Inside on the corridors, different important and current or artistic things that students do will be presented on it in different pictures or something like that. 
There have to be a special room for speech therapist, pedagogist and psichologist. This is what we have done in class to present the work to the class. 


Once we have design it, we have to present it to the rest of the class someone different from the stars. Paz and Laura has been the chosen! quickly because we haven't  enough time but it's Ok, they have done the presentation the best they could. =)

So, Linda ask us how can we work in the group deciding lots of things about the School. There have been some problems and stranges things because some people ( stars ) have behaved in a strange way. This mean
All the stars had a "role", one of them were democratic people, other performed as authorities people and the other ones have the role of "don't take care", they cannot add anything to the group because they don't mind anything their group are saying or doing. 

The aim of this activity is to see who can we get an idea or a conclusion with other people different like you, that think different from you and add other ideas really stranges for you. That's the point. Today, we have done like a "simulation" because these situations are going to be part of our occupation. We have performed as in a real situation in our proffesional work. These situation is going to happen when we were in a school. We are going to listen to different ideas and millions points of views about a simple things, but these things can be lots of consequences in the life negative or positive. So, we have to listen to and add ideas to reach a good conclusion and don't be egocentric or that the only you want is to do what you say and that's all. That's not good and useful. So, be patience and polite with everyone. :)

Thank you so much

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