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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Hello, I'm Raquel, the Star of my group this week, and I would like to tell you my experience about all the week and my presentation, which was a bit disaster!! :(

Well, first of all, what we had to do was to create a powerpoint explaning the main characteristics, types and definition of the Creative Commons Program, which is very useful to look up good information to do different academic works.
The next activity was create other powerpoint reflecting the main and more important tips to do a good presentation.

And finally, I, the Star, had to do a oral presentation, presenting a topic that we had chose, our topic was about Sources of Energies, imaging that I was a teachers and I had to explain the chosen lessons to the primary children' class in a useful and interesting way.

I was very very very nervous.Well, the oral presentation was weak, because Linda, the teachers explain us that our powerpoint was not a properly powerpoint to explain it children. So, we tried to do a good work, changing some wrong things. At first, I feel very worry about my presentation, because it was not how I expected. But, finally, I think that all this problems and difficulties can be very useful to improve and do the next work in a better way. So, instead of the horrible presentation, I believe that Linda correct us to improve and get a good grade in the subject and learn more and more everyday.

Also, thanks to this activity, we learnt to use other programs such as Slidshare to put the video on it. When I look up something on Internet, powerpoint on slidshare was used by me and my classmates to pick up information to do a especific work and I never thought about... ¿ Can I put a video made by me in this program? or answer like What's about this program?

So, I leave you my oral presentation in a video. I hope you like it.
Also, we can see our powerpoints in Slidshare about other methodology to introduce the sources of energies to children and the tips to do a good presentation and also the other work that we did at the beginning about the Universe.

Thank you very muchh


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