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Monday, 24 February 2014


Good afternoon, readers!

We’re T8T Team’s analysts this week (Paz and Isa). For us, this is one of the most complicated roles because we have to express all the feelings of the group members and also to evaluate them (which is not very nice).

This week, the organization has been better than other weeks because we have finished the work on time. We think it is because now we know each other better than at the beginning, so we know the weakness and strengths of each one of us. Another reason is that we have divided the work better (the facilitator will explain it better to you).

For us, the best part of the activity has been all the activity itself, I mean, finishing it on time and the fact that we didn’t had many problems (we share the same point of view about the topic).

The other way round, the worst part was when we discovered that other group had chosen the same topic as us. We discovered it when we had just finished our work, so we started again to look for another topic and to search information about that new one. We felt badly because we were so exited with our finished work and the idea of repeating it was frightened. But we were so brave and we did it. (;

But the worst moment of the week was to realized (the day of the presentation) that our work was wrong. We had a wrong idea of an oral presentation, fortunately our teacher showed us how to make a good presentation. We did it again.

But the best moment was when we were working all together, because we understood each other.

What we have learnt all along this week is that we have to advise (when we have to choose a topic) before finishing the work in order not to use the same topic as another group. But the most important thing we have learnt is how to make a good oral presentation (even we have learnt it by the hard way), now we’re ready to make really good oral presentations.

As a group, we have to conserve the good ways of working we have developed during this three weeks (improving it) and also the fact that we have respected other group members’ ideas, because this is the best thing we have as a group.

On the other hand, what we wouldn’t conserve for the next weeks is to let someone to finished the work at home because we’re a group and we have to do it together.

The content we have worked at is very useful, not only for our degree or future job (we’ll have to use it so many times during both) but also for everyone who wants to make a good oral presentation, not just students that have to expose their class works but also for our finally degree task or presentations at our jobs.

As a conclusion, we have to say that the group has worked so hard. We have lived so many feelings in a very short time due to all the things that had happened to us, but this has made us improve as team members and our learning.

See you soon, 
Paz and Isa.

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