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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Good night everyone,

This is Ana Sánchez, this week T8T Curator Farmer. Another week is passing and we are finishing our third-week tasks and making amends for our old task errors... It´s hard to be wrong, but it is not just a saying that you may learn from your mistakes. I hope that we truly learn from ours.

From February 17 to 24 we have been working on Creative Common Licensing and Presentation creating and, as a curator farmer, I have had to pay attention to the way of referring every piece of information that we were using. It is usual for me (as for almost every student) to keep a file with the pages and the information related to my works, but this time I have had to be much more accurate... Yes, APA style is complicating things a little bit! But I think it´s a complete way of attributing works and letting others check the sources you found, so let´s use it! 

I have tried to compile all the information and references in our rising Pearltree, but don´t worry, I will check it from time to time to add whatever could be missing! I´m glad I have had the curator farmer´s role this CCL-week, because attribution and referencing are quite close terms, and  I have learnt both by reading about them and by practicing when referencing. I have also added a file with a reference list for APA Style, and an interesting video from slideshare by Gimenez, E. (2014). I hope all these materials are useful for you.

Here you have the access to our blossoming PearlTree. Enjoy it!

Ana Mª Sánchez, T8T Curator Farmer.

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