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Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hello, I'm Alba the translator of this week.

This weeks task consisted on summarizing this course work in a video. For this activity. In this post I'm going to focus on different concepts which are moovly, the objective model, content, the competency model and finally, the relationship between TPACK and the competency model.

Moovly: is an online programme which gives you the opportunity to create animated videos, tutorials, presentations...

The objectives model: in the objectives model, education is interested in changing the students efficiency. One of the characteristics of this model is that there are pre-specified behaviors as well as that all students should behave the same way. In other words, education becomes a matter of applying means to a target. The scheme of this model is divided in four different stages which are: content, objectives, methodology and finally, evaluation.

Content: the content of an educational programme is organized and structured in the planning of teaching which is the set of activities done by the teacher before teaching the class. By this procedure topics and subtopics are grouped in a consistent and significant way.

Competency model: this approach consists on its design, develpoment and the curriculum evaluation being orientated in order to solve a problem or a situation (knowing, knowing how, knowing how to be). The most important part of competences is to apply the learning in order to solve problems with ethical purposes.

Relationship between TPACK and competency model: TPACK as well as the competency model, combine different aspects in order to learn and internalize the content as complete as possible.

To conclude, it is noteworthy to mention that content is content, but to learn it without giving it any utilization is useless.

See you next week.

Alba Ramsay

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