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Wednesday, 26 March 2014



We are already here again, sharing with all of you our experiences and emotions. 

I'm Raquel Ramón and this week I'm a JOURNALIST! It's incredible and amazing, isn't it? :P

This week, we have been doing a new and creative project with different tools, which are very interesting to do original works in order to be a good teacher in the future and enrich our knowledge. 

FIRST, I'm going to describe what we all the group have been doing during this week.The project consist on making a video where appear everything that we have learnt during this part of the subject school organization and educational resources, summarizing all the adquired content in just 1 minute and 30 seconds. 

Well, when Linda ordered us this project,we thought that it could be a chance to get familiar with all the contents, maybe if you had some doubts about one of the projects, you could sort out now.

In class during all the week, we have been seeing what were the programs that Linda recommended us to do the video. So, all the members were looking into how to use both programs (moovly and powtoon) and then we had to decide what is the best and work in it as soon as possible. 

18 Tuesday!! 
When we was explained the new activity, we started to think about it. Before this day, at the weekend, Sandra tried to do a video with some photos taken by us during the course. But, the problem was that this video was incorrect, because the video had to be made in one of the two programs that Linda said to us. So, Tuesday, we started to look into the programs on your own.

20 Thrusday! 

In class, we all was watching what were the ideas that we had to do the video. And at the end of the class, we decided that we was going to do the video with moovly. So, the facilitator share the contents of the subjects in pairs. In this way, we and my partner ana chose the dark side of textbooks, because we thought that it was interesting.So, we worked in the program thrusday evening. 


21 Friday!
We all met on the library to join all the videos, to put the same style and the same things and change the incorrect thing and so on, because we didn't have time in the weekend, so we met Friday morning to finish the work. Surprinsingly, after looking up some songs through Creative Commons Search, we finally found the perfect song and the video was a success. Of course, the video could have been better and more creative, but we did it as we felt it and as we knew it. I think that if we were more time to do the activities, maybe we would do it better, I think. But, anyway, I'm very proud of all of us. 

To continue my post, I want to tell you some things and impressions about my classmates's blogs.

I have seen all the blogs and in general they have beautiful titles and creative styles and so on. But, what I have to stand out are they blog which have all the blog in a original way respect to the rest of the blogs. This blog is GIVE ME 7. All my group think that this blog is like an example or a role model for us, because they have the things very strutured. So, I think that the best on could be Give me 7. Also, I like so much hide & seek and brainstorming because they work very hard in their post as well as being organized as I like. 

I have also reading some posts of my classmates and I think that in general all of them are good. But, also all of them can improve so much. I think that  we are learning many things and get familiar with them ( the blogs, the roles etc) and gradually we are improving and working hard to get a good grade.

have also commented in some post like The analyst by Feli of Brainstorming and Journalist of Amelia of Teachleaders =)

All the groups have presented their videos summarizing what content they have adquired and their emotions and experiences during these months in the subject and I'm to comment some aspects about them.


the video has been made with a lot of work behind, because to be honest, all my group agreed the video was very interesting with the story.


We evaluated his video in the 1º place in Eurovision, because they show us in a funny and interesting way all the content that we have adquired and also all the impressions about the subject with a story.So, they deserved the prize and the first position. Thank you hide & seek for being ORIGINAL =)=)


In spite of the video was of those that receive the worst punctuations, I know that they worked very hard in it and also that they know to do lots of things originally as the other activities. Maybe, they didn't put all the effort as they can in the video. But, I Know that they can improve so much. In fact, they have done original activities and creative and effective presentations. So, don't worry Little Ants. =)=) you can!!


Well, Brainstorming also did a good work because they reflected very clear the things that they have learnt. Iliked so much how they show us the different visions of explaining the reality. They took some photos and edited them with a program in order to show us who reality can be distorted. I think that they have very good ideas and also that they can improve even more. So, thanks for your video. =)


Very clear videos and I like so much the way that the show us all the contents that they have learnt during the last 2 months. 


I enjoy the video, but personally, I didn't like so much the voice in this kind of videos because I think that the video and the photos and animated things have to express and say all the things and maybe it's not necessary the voice at all. 

But, anyway. They did a good work !!=)=)


They did a really really good work. That was the reason why they win the first position. CONGRATULATIONS.!!


they did a good video in a enjoyable way and we evaluate his video as one of the best of the class. So, you are good workers =)

Well, on the next week Monday, all the groups presented us their wonderful videos and finally we did BNILINGUAL EUROVISION SHOW, in which stars had to transmit the impression of all the group about the other videos and evaluate them with points. ( 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 points). Here I leave you the final punctuations. Our stars LAURA AND SANDRA did a good work =)

The first place was for Hide and Seek and C'mon Tutankamon. CONGRATULATIONS. Surprinsingly, the second one was T8T, our group. We was very proud and exciting when we counted the point that ourclassmates gave us. THANKS!! :P :P

Our punctuations were:

3 for Little Ants

4 Step by step
5 Giveme 7
6 Teachleaders
7 Brainstorming
8C'mon Tutankamon
10  Education Rush Hour
12 Hide & Seek

Here I leave some link intereseting about moovly and powtoon. This is guide in order to explore and do creative works with your kids in the class.=) 

We have found a blog where they explain how to use this programs and it's very interesenting. I have also commented in the post about my impressions about it. 

Have a look!! =)=)

Well, finally I have to say that doing this post as Journalist has been very hard. I hope you like it =). I have tried to do my role as better as posssible. =)



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