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Monday, 24 March 2014


Hello everybody! 

We are Laura and Sandra and this week we have been the stars :) It has been a funny week in which we have worked in our final video of the first part of the subject. It has been a very difficult task because we had to express everything that we had learn in only ninethy seconds, but we have enjoyed a lot making the video. This task have made us remembered a lot of good moments that we have lived this semester. 

On Monday we watched the videos of the rest of the groups and all of them were very original, each group expressed their experiences in a different way, for example hide and seek told us a story of world called SOyER, with an allien called Linda. Later we evaluated the presentations as if it were an eurovision show. The hide and seek´s group and the C´mon Tutankamon´s group got the first place and our group got the second one. We want to congratulate the winner groups, their videos were wonderful! :D

Our experience as stars have been very nice and easy, due to we didn't have to be as nervous as the rest of our partners, because their tasks as stars were more difficult, and they had to present the activities in front of the rest of the class by their own.

The stars, Sandra and Laura.

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