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Sunday, 23 March 2014


Hello again, I’m Ana Ruiz and this week my role is Analyst.

About the role, I can say that it is more difficult that it seems.

The best part of the activity I think was to do our video, specially, when we finished  the video, because all of us were worried about using Moovly. At first nobody knew how to use this new tool, and the first day when we have to explore it, we were thinking that we didn’t have time enough to finish it on time. For that reason, doing the video was the best part of the activity.

About the best moment it  was Monday  in class, when we have to show our videos. Firstly, because we were excited and unexpected to know if we have done a proper video.  And when we did a performance such as ‘’Eurovision’’ and it was very funny.

And As I said before, we were so worried about using  the new tool , but  I think that we were more worried before, when we didn’t know exactly what we have to include in our video so, I think that the worse of the activity was at first when we didn’t know what our video would be and what should we include in it.

The worse moment was when we had to prepare the elements that we think we should include in the video. Because there are a lot information, we have learnt a lot and we had show all that we have learnt in the video.

Every day we learnt something, and during this week we have learnt, first of all, to use the new tool, Moovly. Also we have learnt, using through this  useful tool, to do a synthetis of all knowledge that we have learnt during this period.

I think the motivation, I don’t know why… but this week all of us were so motivate and we want to make a good good work, more than other weeks. Also collaboration, this week  we have worked such a real team.

We should improve our work in group, I mean, we work well , by ourselves but when we work together is  more difficult because  we don’t express ourselves and I think we should say what we think in order to reach an agreement.But, in spite of all, I can say that we have improved. Now we know each other and we can organize and do things easily than before.

I think that, firstly, to know how synthesize a lot of information is what we should do in all our others subjects because it means that you know what you are studying.
Then, I think that the content that we have compiled is clear example of what Tpack is. We have integrated: Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge , such as we have done in this subject since we started with the first task.

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