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Friday, 28 February 2014


During this week, we, Sandra and Laura are the translators. We hope that our definitions will be very interesting and useful for your learning this week.

Creative commons: it is a type of licence which allows people to use the materials published with the same permit . The materials can be all types of media, pictures, music…, or even any document which has the licence. The author of those resources is in charge of choosing if using this licence or the copyright one; it can be very useful for other people. Some of the webs which contain those materials are Google, Flickr, Pixabay…

Tips: those are some advices that could be followed. If we focus in oral presentation tips, they must be followed for making a good oral speech and for showing a good presentation, commonly power point presentation.

Licence elements: those are the materials that can be copied and redistributed. Also, they can be changed or edited, but if someone do so, the changes must be under the ‘copyleft’ licence. Moreover, they should not be used with a commercial purpose.

Attribution: it is an interesting term to define, which is a part of the creative commons licence. It is refered to the right of the author to decide about his or her work to be copied, distributed, or changed. Attribution can be combined with ShareAlike and No Derivatives, joint as well between them as a NonCommercial resource.

Slide share: is a web where power point or other types of documents can be uploaded and published. It is similar to YouTube, but it is not used just for videos, and they can be seen by everybody. This website allows users to comment and rate the presentations. Moreover, it is considered one of the best tools for education & e-learning.

See you next week, as Curator-farmers.

T8T Team translators.

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