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Saturday, 1 March 2014


Hello everyone! 
I'm Ana Ruiz this week as facilitator.

First of all, here you have all the roles of this week:

Alba Ramsay López , Journalist
Paz Pascual and Isa Torralba, Analysts
Raquel Ramón, Star
Laura Zuza and Sandra, Translators
Ana Sánchez, Curator Farmer

Well as I imagined, the role of facilitator has been difficult. It has so much responsibility and when the things that you have planed don’t work you have to think in the way that you have organized the work.

The first day that we started the work was Monday, this day all members of the group had to read all the information about the exercise, to know what we have to do and to have a clear concept about the topic for next day.
The next day, Tuesday we started doing the Power Points. Firstly we had to do the Creative Commons ones. To do this   I break up  the group in two. The first one would do the part of explain what Creative Commons License resource is.  The second group had to do the power point about the 20 basic tips for developing a good presentation. Finally I had to put together the two tasks and upload it to slideshare.
 Then, the second part of the work was to prepare a presentation about one topic, which at first was The Planets, but after some drawbacks we decided to do it about Energy Resources.

 But when we have done all the work, and we were happy because we have finished ahead of time we didn’t realize that the work, concretely the presentation about the Energy Resources was badly focused. 
Unfortunately, was out of time just when the start was doing the exposition. So we need a solution.
 And we started again because we had to do a good presentation.
The solution was to do again the presentation and with a different point of view. In order to do it, to be presented we have recorded a video, where the star is exposing the topic.

Also as a facilitator I was able to do some modifications on the blog. I have change many times, because I liked this view:

But finally I decided to leave it like it looks now, because is easier to read it.

Well I think that despite of this mistake, we are working properly.

 This week has been less difficult than the last week, but I think it is because we didn’t want to be lost as the last week, and all of us were working hard. Also I have to say that we are more comfortable with the group and now we can express what everyone  think to improve in our work . And this make easier to work, so I hope that the next week do it better and improve in all aspects as we can, to finally  reaching our goals.

See you next week in my next role.

Ana Mª Ruiz.

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