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Monday, 17 February 2014


-How does a woman dress? 
-What type of clothes do women wear?
If we ask an Arab Emirates child about the type of clothes that women wear, they will probably say that they wear long dresses and veils to cover their hair; while if you ask a Polish child, they would say that women often wear skirts and dresses with high heels they may also say that women also wear jeans and colourful tops. Women in the Arab Emirates still wear these types of clothes which fully cover the body even in the summer with very high temperatures, while in Poland women will wear summer clothes such as shorts, short skirts and thin dresses.
How do we explain the effects of this resource in our classes?
The choice a woman makes with regard to the clothes she wears is made according to her culture, her religion and customs. This doesn't mean that she is better or worse than other women, simply that it indicates her cultural origins.

Thank you very much


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