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Sunday, 6 April 2014


Report on #SOyER1314 synthesised C-maps

T8T has decided to gather here the six synthesised C-maps that were assigned to the whole bilingual group:

  • Topic 1:An overview on the Educational system.  

By: Education Rush Hour. 
Supervisors: T8T (Isa, Laura, Paz & Sandra).

             (It will be uploaded when E.R.H. mends the link...)

  • Topic 2. The Primary school: aims, its role, education policy and legislative references.

By: GiveMe7.
Supervisors: Little Ants (half group).

  • Topic 3. Organistation of Primary education: geografical accessibility; admission requirements & choise of school; age levels & grouping of pupils; organization of the school year.

By: Hide & Seek.
Supervisors: Little Ants (half group).

  • Topic 4. Organisational variations & alternative structures in Primary education: rural schools; itinerancy & non-regular schooling; bilingual teaching; distance education.

By: The teachleaders.
Supervisors: Step by step (half group).

  • Topic 5. Administration at institutional level of non-university institutions: pepadogical, organizational and resources management.

By: Brainstorming
Supervisors: Step by step (half group).

  • Topic 6. Governance at institutional level of non-university institutions: the leadership team; collegial, teaching and participation bodies.

By: C’mon Tutankamon.
Supervisors: T8T (Alba, Ana Ruíz, Ana Sánchez & Raquel).

We  would specially like to mention "C´mon Tutankamon", who did a conscientious work from the beginning, but whose work is now much more concise & clear than before: they considered all the supervisors suggestions, took the strong points of the others groups and kept the best of their own C-map.  GiveMe7 one seems to be really complete and clear aswell. We need more time for analysing the rest of the C-maps, but they look really well. Well done guys.

It´s time now for personalizing the C-maps after our personal study!
Thanks #SOyER1314,

Ana Mª Sánchez, T8T journalist.

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