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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hi Everyone!!! We are Laura and Sandra and this week we have been journalist :)

We have thought about a different and interesting way of presenting T8T Team work during this week, so as to make it more visual and dynamic. We hope you like it!

Moreover, we have commented in an interesting blog what we recommend you about the different between LOE and LOMCE........... http://blog.fernandotrujillo.es/el-curriculo-basico-de-la-lomce-analisis-de-aspectos-generales/#comment-2236 

We want to congratulate the group Education Rush Hour about their videos that they have published in their blog. We think that it´s a good idea to explain their work of this week! =)
Well, that is all about this week. We see you after the holidays as analyst, we hope that you will spend a good weeks of holidays :) :)

The journalist 


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