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Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Hi everyone! :)

We are Sandra and Laura, the facilitators of this week.

We have had to do two conceptual maps of two different topics of primary education to compare the LOE and the LOMCE.

As in our group there are eight members, we thought that the best way to work out with our topic is dividing us in two smaller groups of four members and each group would work in one topic. Our topics were primary education and administtation of non-university institutions.

Firstly we read all the documents that Linda gave as and after that we began to look for a good program to represent our conceptual maps in the best way. This part was the most interesting. There are a lot of programmes for this. We first of all tried to use mind42 to do our maps, but it did not have a lot of different tools and things to include in our map, so finally we decided to use inspiration 9. It is a great program, we recomend it to everyone!

We have had some problems with one of the maps, because we did not know at the beginning that we had to compare both laws, LOE and LOMCE, so we had not done it; we just focused this map on the LOE law.

On Monday in class, we have had to compare the maps with other groups which had done the same topics as us. As there were just 6 topics:

- An overview of the Educational System.

- Primary School.

- Organization of Primary Education.

- Organizational variations and akternative structures in Primary Education
- Administration and governance at local and/or institutional level I.
- Administration and Governance at local and/or institutional level II.

And we are 9 groups in class, the 6 topics were divided into those groups, mixing the maps of the other groups which had the same topic, and they had to join the 3 maps into a single one for the rest of the class to study the concepts for the game. Our group did not have to join any map, so we split our group members again, and be supervisors of two groups: Educational Rush Hour and C'mon Tutankamon. 

We had to check that they evaluate good the other maps and that they were objectives with their own califocations, apart from the good joint of the final map. After that, they had to publish it into their blogs. Moreover, we have uploaded our own maps to our blogs too.

In general it has been a very abstract and messy week, because it has been a very theorical topic, but we have learnt some new things.

See you next week.

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