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Sunday, 9 February 2014


Hello again!

This is my work of this week because I am the translator of the group RAQUEL RAMÓN and I had to collect the 5 most important terms that the group has learnt during the week. So, I hope you like it

PEDAGOGY: Pedagogy is a set of processes and methods by which the teacher make easier to the students the learning of the specific subject. Pedagogy will be different in each context. This requires the understanding and development of students. maybe,personally,I can say that is one of the most important competence that a teacher could have got.

TECHNOLOGY: Currently is an essential tool to carry out an effective learning. Technology should be used by teachers to explain contents in an audiovisual way (movies, videos and so on) or using computers, iPads, and other electronic systems. With this use, it will be facilitated the pedagogical work.

CONTENT: Essential information that teacher must to know in order to transmit and explain to students through the understanding of central concepts, facts, theories and procedures of the subject.

CONTEXT : It is a set of circumstances applied in each case depending of technology, content and pedagogy that can be used in any situation ( type of school, type of students and type of subject and so on)

TPACK: Is a model created by Mishra and Koehel (TECHNOLOGICAL, PEDAGOGICAL AND CONTENT KNOWLEDGE) that include the knowledge of technology (use of technology systems), the knowledge of content (the subject) and the knowledge of the pedagogy (how the teach the content to the students, adapting the content to better understanding of it by students). This concept was widely unknown by us, but thanks to this work, we have known a new important concept to carry out  our profession in the future.

  I have been really happy doing this role and the first week with TPACK work has been completed successfully. I think that TPACK is a useful tool to create a good environmental in a class, becoming the methodology of the class and the learning process a success not only with the good interest of the students but also the emotion of the teacher to do a magnific class working in his/ her profesion like a part of his live. This is a TEACHER; a person who lives everyday with the pupils and share experiences along with them.

Thank you for your time. See you next week with other unknown and interesting role!! 

the resources are from:

- http://www.ticyeducacion.com/2011/01/metodologia-tpack.html
- http://web.b.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?sid=70710309-f01a-48a6-8aed-bc2c8c5e71dd%40sessionmgr113&vid=1&hid=124&bdata=Jmxhbmc9ZXMmc2l0ZT1laG9zdC1saXZl#db=aph&AN=47390404

Raquel Ramon

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