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Monday, 10 February 2014


Good evening and hello everyone! 

We are Paz Pascual and Isa Torralba, the facilitators of the group this week. As we are 8 team members in the group, we share the role.. 

First of all, we have to say that this role isn't easy because you have to coordinate and organized the group, apart of revised the blog, and do so many things. 

At the beginning, we didn't know how to carry out the work and we were lost. The dynamic of this course is totally different from those we have experimented until now. The only person of the group that knows how to carry out a blog (more or less) was Paz, but she didn’t know it very well (that’s why we decided to start this first week with two facilitators, in order to make a really good blog…or at list, try to get it). After this decision, we made a raffle in order to distribute the rest of the roles. 

The next thing we decided to do, now as the facilitators of the group, was to start with the poster about TPACK. We did brain storm with the whole group, for decide how we will do the poster, look for information and planning its structure. We also made another brainstorm to search for the group name. 
When we had all this organized, we decided to make the blog in order to allow all our group mates publishing all that they want (of course, about something related to the topic). 

We haven’t got so many problems during the process of doing the poster because we were working together. Maybe we were stressed and we had different points of view, but we knew how to work like a group, sharing our ideas, contrasting them with our mates’ ones and adapting to others’ proposals.

The "big problem" was that we didn't understand how to make the activity. We started to do it and just before finishing it, we realized that we were making it wrong. We felt frustrated because most of our week's work wasn't useful. We started to make it again (now with a clearer idea of how to make the work and, also, about TPACK concept). We couldn't finished it in class, so our Star had to end it at home pasting the elements of the poster.

Another responsibility of the facilitators was to correct all the posts that our partners had published on the blog, but it was difficult because they are great in english and sometimes they knew more than us (we have to admit it, even it is little embarrassing for us). 

We have done our role the best we could, and the results are very good (despite of being the first week and being a bit lost). Now is the turn of our mates to continue doing our work as facilitator. We are sure they will do it very well (even better than us!) 

We think everybody is happy with our work, and we think it is because we haven’t been so bad bosses! 

See you next week as Journalists! ;) 

Paz and Isa.

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