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Friday, 14 February 2014


Good evening everyone!

We are Paz and Isa and this week we are journalists!

Like last week, at the beginning we were lost because the topic has anything to do with last week topic, so we had to work hard especially outside the course classes, but at the end of it, we're very proud of our final work.

- 1st day (Tuesday, February 11)

As we didn't have enough time, we met in the afternoon to start planning the work, how it would be organised, who does which part of the task and so on. We have to say that the facilitator for this week (Alba Ramsay) has done a great job organising the group.

We started thinking about how to post the first big question and understanding the three different projections of the world map that the teacher asked us to study (Robinson, Azimutal and Mercator).

After that, we tried to understand the second big question, but it was a bit complicated so we decided to start to think about the treasure hunt, which was the third question. We let the second one without an answer in order to ask the teacher how to carry it out and what did she wanted with that question.

- 2nd day (Wednesday, February 12)

The second day, we met in the afternoon to advance with the work  because on Wednesday, we didn't have the #SOyER1314 course.

There were more components of the group than the previous day  because some of them couldn't come due to personal reasons, we did a brain storming session and finally we decided on how the poster for the presentation should be.

We also made a list with the materials that we needed, we distributed the work that each one had to do, for a better organisation of the work to be done in class on Thursday, in order to get the job finished by the end of the class.

- 3rd day (Thursday, February 13)

The third day we worked in class as we had planned the day before.
We didn't do as much as we had planned, because we had some problems with the countries and with the treasure hunt, so we had to think about new things and search for more information.

In the afternoon, we stayed at the university in order to finish the work and leave everything ready for the presentation on Monday (February 17).

- 4th day (Monday 17th February)

This day was the best day of the week. All the stars put in common all the things their groups had found and they made a great presentation, all together.

The facilitators and the journalist were in charge of presenting the "treasure hunt". 

So, all the class grouped by roles and made little presentations about the different parts of the work.

We think that the idea was fantastic, our whole group could present our thoughts and views with other groups and it was very dynamic, in particular to share and observe the ideas and creativity of the other groups.

Here we show you some photos about the divisions of the group and the presentations.

The stars preparing their presentation

The stars

The stars

The stars' presentation

Facilitators and journalists preparing their presentation

Facilitators and journalists
The analysts and the curator-farmers


The translators preparing their presentation

Our group star this week (Ana Ruiz) at today's presentation.
Great job, Ana!

This has been our work method for this week.
We hope you have enjoyed it and you have learned a lot with this and our other posts with information.

See you next week as analysts!

Paz and Isa, the journalists.

P.S.: In the near future we will publish a surprise in the blog so... see you soon, readers!;)

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  1. Hello, I'm Blanca, the journalist of "The Little Ants" this week. I enjoy very much what you have posted in your blog. I really like the way that you write everything you do every day of the week.
    We look forward to your surprise!
    Best regards :)