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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Hello everybody!!

I'm Raquel Ramón, the curator farmer of the group this week.

I'm very happy doing this role because I have learnt to use different resources and other unknown programs such as Pearl Tree, in which I have had to work hard to understand how to do a pearl tree, add new things etc.. I hope you like it, I'm sure I can improve, so next time, we will try to do it better!! :) I promise :P

This week, the activity consists on compare the three main map projections of the World, the Robinson Projection, Azimuthal and Mercator Projection.
The Star of the group, Ana have explained very well the three Projections and their characteristics because we have worked very hard to do the work the best possible way and after many times meeting all the members of the group, we made the decision that the best and clear countries to compared the different visions of these ,through the three map projections,could be Russia and Australia.

I have to say that this week has been a bit disaster, but no problem, the next week, will be funny and more pleasant that this week.

I hope you like it the pearl tree and the resources that we have used to complete successfully the new activity.

See you soon !!

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