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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Hi everybody!

I never thought that being the facilitator of the group was going to be so difficult nor did I expect this week’s task to be so complicated.

My job this week consisted of organising the group, dividing the entire job, distributing the information and allocating the tasks to be done. At first, everything was very chaotic; we didn’t understand anything, the content of this week’s work was all new for us. I tried to distribute the work equally and I wanted to put it all together quickly to get the theoretical part of it done ASAP. However, this couldn’t be done as quickly as I had planned because it took more time than I expected to understand the subject, find the relevant information and set each task to be carried out.

Nevertheless, against all the odds, every member of the group tried to help each other, collaborating successfully to complete the work. Even though it was very time consuming, we managed to get everything done in the end.

Our mentality was based on never forgetting we are a group and that we must work together for it to work correctly and successfully, we worked with the aim of making the most of the T8T group, to get the best result and in particular encourage each member to put their best effort into their task, and they did.

Therefore, from here I want to congratulate each and every one of the eight members of our group for their patience, their effort and for their excellent contribution this week. THANK YOU T8T!

See you next week with another completely different adventure.

Alba Ramsay

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