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Thursday, 6 February 2014


Hello everyone!

I'm Alba Ramsay and this week my task has consisted of setting out our week's work, I was the star and I want to tell you about my experience and how I felt.

Firstly, when I knew I was going to be the one that introduced and explained the content of the first week, I was quite worried and nervous, of course, because it was the first week and the first time we have worked this way, nevertheless, something inside told me that everything was going to be okay.

Secondly, the big worry for our team was to focus on a correct explanation of the TPACK. This week has been quite tough, lots of work had to be done, there were many things to understand, and constantly fighting against time. As the work was getting done, we better understood the goal of this weeks task and my fears started to disappear. I would especially like to emphasise the stress and our panic on the weekend before the presentation, especially mine I must admit, and thinking that we were not going to have it finished on time was really killing me. However, everything was finally indeed prepared and ready for my exposition on Monday.

Monday arrived, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as I do before every presentation. Once the lesson started I just wanted to get it out, but our teacher surprised me when she explained how the presentation was going to be oriented. I had to present it 10 different times, to 10 different groups, at first I panicked, so my first presentation was quite poor, I was not happy at all, but the 2nd and the 3rd were better and my confidence grew each time I repeated it. However, notwithstanding the improvement, by the tenth time I was really looking forward to the end, to say my last phrase: "do you have any questions?"

Despite all the nerves, stress and the pressure, my final conclusion is positive, indeed I am sure I would not say no to repeating it. My overall assessment is a positive result. It is a very good experience to help you gain confidence, to leave behind your fears and, of course to have a good amount of time to practice your English. I also want to highlight that at first I didn't know how well the functionality of this subject would work, but after this stressful first week I'm pretty happy to work this way in the future.

So that's all for this week, see you next week with other new experiences to tell and to show.

Alba xxx

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