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Friday, 7 February 2014


Hi everyone!
This week I'm the Curator Farmer

During this week  we have used some ideas and information
from differents  information resources  to carry  out  our activities.

For this work  I have organized all the resources that the group has used in our Pearl Tree.

About my experience been the Curator Farmer I can say that at first when we divided all the roles and I saw that  I was going to be the curator farmer, I thought :  What? What is this? What I have to do?

But then rapidly all the group started to work and for the next day I definitly knew all that  I had to do. And that day after been in class, working in the Tpack poster, I could start my work.

At first it can be a little difficult because you have to been watching, asking and taking notes about  all references that the group  have used  and also you have to organize yourself to organizing all the information that you receive, which at first it can be so much but not much important.
At the same time on doing this, I discovered what  was  a Pearl Tree,  an useful ''social library'' where I have organized all the references which we have been working with.

So I can say that  it has been a good experience, I liked my first role and I think that all this new information has been so useful in addiction,I think that it is something that I will use in the near future.

Thanks so much 


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