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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Hey,readers! What's going out?

This new post is about our impressions and opinion about the oral presentations that out mates did on Monday. As every week, the stars  of each group of the class has to make a presentation (that's why we made a poster) to show the rest of the classmates his/her group's work.
After seeing all the presentation we took some notes about what we like the most, what we didn't like at all and the things we should copy from other groups.

First we will tell you the things we liked the most, that were that some groups included (as an introduction) the history of the TPACK model. Another thing we like pretty much was that many groups used key words about TPACK, and that they also explained it to a better understanding for the listeners.
A very important thing, from our point of view, is the explanation and most of the groups made very clear ones (that's another positive point!). The posters made for helping the stars with their presentation were amazing.

On the other side, there were also thing that we didn't like a lot about the presentations.
For example, in some groups the star was reading what he/she had to say, or they just had learnt it by heart (so it sounded very strange and it was not adequate to the listeners they had). Another thing that you have to have in mind when you are the star is your voice tone (if you are speaking very low or very loud).

In general, all the stars did it very well and the things we didn't like at all are small details that can be corrected easily. So, can I ask you for a big clap for all the stars from our class? They really made a really good work and they were very brave (the were the first ones with the "Star" role and it has so much merit.

P.S.: Just take this as a way of improving your presentations and not like a personal attack... Hope it would be useful for you!

See you,
T8T Team

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