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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Hi there!

We are Paz and Isa, the facilitators of the group.

Here, we are going to show you the answers of the questions about the practice we did in class last week. The practice was about illustrating words as you can see in this older post: Illustrating words

Hope you like it and probably, you will know more about our group.

-Have you had any problem illustrating the concepts?

To answered this question I have to say that there are two opinions about this.

On one hand, there are some group-mates that said that they hadn't got problems drawing the concepts. At first, they saw it abstract, but when they started to think and draw, they knew how to do it and they did it the best way they could.

On the other hand, other group-mates said that they had problems because, at the beginning, they saw it as an easier activity, but when they started to draw, they didn't know how to do it, or , if they finally did it, the rest of the group did't understand their draws.

Also, some students affirmed that this practice could be embarrassed, because we have to show our draws and maybe people don't feel comfortable doing it.

- How it is easier to know what is the concept, with a drawing? Or with a picture?

With this answered I think that we all are agree.

We all think that drawing is the easiest way to represent what you want, because you paint what you want to reflect, considering the context. You can also be more accurate. But if you don't draw well sometimes is better a picture, because it needs less instruction and practice ( or maybe your draw is impossible to understand).

-Messages in illustrations help to clarify the concept?

We all think that is a good idea to complete the images with some written information, in order to make a clear concept. But sometimes we think that is important to write key words that are more useful than a long paragraph.

- Why do you think the other group have had problems to guess the Word?

To answered this question, we have thought that the problems have come from three different ways:

• The first one is because the pictures were poor and didn't add enough details to know what they represented.
• The second one is because everyone hasn't got the same capacity to understand the pictures.
• The third one because there were many similar concepts and when you are drawing the concept “learning”, maybe others could understood “teaching”.

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