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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Heeeello everybodyy!!!

I'm Raquel, the FACILITATOR, the best one jeje
Well, this week I have been thinking about our organization respect to the activity and I think that this week has been wonderful. All of the members have been very interested in the videos recovering, also giving ideas about how to do a video etc.

Well, the first day, on Monday, when the teacher ordered us the new activity, the first thing that we thought was, oh, my god! But, on the week, there have been some dificulties, but surprisingly we have organished very well, and I am very proud of it. =) =)
Monday, we start thinking..." What are we going to do? What program will we use? etc.. Soon, I decided, as Facilitator,to organize everybody in order to work properly and with happiness. I ordered each member of the group to read one of the resources that Linda sent us by message to the better undertanding of the new project: the Dark SIde of Text Books.
At home, we were reading these resources to know everything about it the next day.
There was little arguments about if the resources are important or not, but I thought that it was important at least to undertand the activity and also to be able to give ideas about how to create the TV advertisement and to do a proper project.
The next day, everybody read the homework and we did in class lesson a brainstorming or something similar, because we knew the content and it allow us to give ideas about the text books and different arguments about why are criticized today.
At the end of the class, we were preparing and writting the dialogues of the advertisements and then we shared out the roles of the video.

We enjoyed so much making the videos because we dressed different things to do a role, for example, one of them was politician or others were editorials and so on. So,it was very fun. We chose the TV advertisement, because we think that it could be enjoyable and a good way to represent our aim in order to everybody knows what we were representing.

We all were teaching the different programs each other. I mean,second week I was Curator Farmer and I taught my class mates the organization of Pearl Tree for example, and the other roles did the same, in order to follow a similar structure every week. So, I think that if we follow this method, we can improve so much soon =)

I love this roleee!! I very glad that this week all of us were happy and have fun, recover the TV advertisements.

thank you. See you soon

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