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Saturday, 15 March 2014


Hello I’m Alba Ramsay, the analyst. Looking carefully at everything is one of the most important tasks of this role. This week has been very entertaining, having to interact all together trying to reach the target of this week’s work.

Therefore, as I’ve said before the best part of this week’s task was the way we’ve worked as a group, the different way of working having to perform, to record and to find the most creative part of each one of us. I must admit that this week we have teamed even more, and that is the most important part because due to this, the work improves and we work better.

On the other hand, the worst part of this week when we had a mishap, when all our work was recorded, we missed it, so we had to start all over again. Nonetheless, this only stressed us a bit, but we knew how to cope with it and get everything to show it on class.

For sure, the best moment of the week working as a group was recording our adverts, we enjoyed as if we were kids, laughing, repeating it, and enjoying our project. It has been the best way of connecting all of us, getting the group more compact.

But for instance, the worst one was when we had everything recorded and we had to do it all over again. We felt as if we wasted our time, but after doing the second time, it wasn’t that bad; because of having it already done and memorized it took us much less time than expected.

From this week we’ve learnt how to show in a short time our thoughts, from a brainstorming of each member of the group ended up being a great idea. Apart from that, we’ve learnt how to use contents properly, and of course, that text books are not the best option to use as a teacher.

From this week I would like to conserve the cheerful spirit the T8T had, the way we solve problems, and how we face them.  And especially the unification the group has had this week, the way we’ve learnt from each other.

For next week, from my point of view what we need to improve is communication, sometimes we don’t know how to illustrate our ideas, or maybe prefer not say what they think. But from my perspective, for a group to work well needs to show their thoughts, agreements and disagreements as well.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight that cooperating with and as a unified group is the key to success. I’m sure we have to keep on working on this to improve but in my opinion we are having a good start.

See you next week.


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