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Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Good morning again! 
Today I have found a lot of information about the map projections (which is the topic for our next work in the #SOyER1314 course). 
I have found a very simple example to explain why the countries are distorted in all the projections:
It is impossible to accurately represent the spherical surface of the earth on a flat piece of paper. While a globe can represent the planet accurately, a globe large enough to display most features of the earth at a usable scale would be too large to be useful, so we use maps. Also imagine peeling an orange and pressing the orange peel flat on a table - the peel would crack and break as it was flattened because it can't easily transform from a sphere to a plane. The same is true for the surface of the earth and that's why we use map projections.

Here you have the link to this amazing blogAbout Geography
I have also found a very interesting blog about map projections, where they explain to you not only the common projections we all know about such as Mercator's, but also other interesting projections we are not familiar with. I publish here the link that could be useful and is very, very interesting: Other Interesting Projections.

P.S.: At this blog (the last one I have told you to read), there are arrow icons at the top of the page on the left side. If you click on them you will be able to see some more interesting map projections. 

I think it could be useful for all of the people working on this topic.

Hope you like it!
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  1. Hi Paz!! These webpages you posted are very useful for our group. Thank you very much!. I hope we can share more information between our two workgroups this weekend, in order to do an amazing presentation this monday. Cheers!

    Give Me 7´s journalist: Javier Marín

    1. It's great reading that it has been useful for you. I think it would be a great idea sharing information between both workgroups.
      P.S: Your blog is incredible, I totally recommend it!
      Best regards!