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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Good Morning everyone!!

I am Raquel Ramón, the translator of the group and I would like to publish this post in which appears some interesting data that the group has found during this week about TPACK. 

The TPACK structure is built by the idea of pedagogical content knowledge of Lee S. Shulman, who was an educational psychologist who contributes to the study of teaching (PCK). Later, Mishra and Koehler added the concept of technology (TPACK)

In the picture, I want to reflect the idea of TPACK which include the three main characteristics or features that teachers have to have, which are, CONTENT KNOWLEDGE, CORRECT METHODOLOGY AND ABILITY IN THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY.

Thank you!! 


  1. Hi T8T!
    We have read this post and for us this information was very useful because the illustration of TPACK and the definition are very interesting.

    Well done, T8T.

    1. It's very confortable to know that it has been useful for you. That's one of our objectives! Thank you so much for visiting our blog,
      see you soon here or at yours!