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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Good evening everyone! 

How are you today? We're so exited because this is our first post on this new blog. We are going to show you all the activities we are going to make in our 'School organization and educational resources' course (#SOyER1314). We hope you enjoy our blog and that it could be useful for all of you (it's going to be very interesting, I promise).

So, the first activity we have made is called "Illustrating words" and, as its own name says, we have to illustrate five words from a list and then pass it to another group of classmates. 
Here you have the draws we have done:





As you can see, we are not very good at drawing, but I think you all can guess what the pictures represents.
As we have said before, it has been our first activity in this course so, we will make it a bit better the next time.

Have a very nice week!
See you soon,

T8T Team

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